A. Send us your stuff

To begin with, go to the Contact Us page and send us your information.  You can then send us your content digitally, either through a Dropbox file, email, or through Google Drive.  However, if you prefer to send your photos and videos another way, not a problem!  You can mail us a DVD, CD, or memory card with your photos.  Can’t figure out how to scan your physical copies of photos? Don’t worry, we can do that for you! Just mail them to us, and we will scan them for you for an additional charge of .25 cents per photo.

*Remember! If you sent us your content through the mail, and would like it returned back later, the return postage cost will be $5.00.

B. Approve Your Draft

After we complete the slideshow, we will send you a sneak peak of what the project would look like over email.  Once you approve, great! You are on your way to buying the slideshow.

C. Purchase your Masterpiece

In order to purchase your slideshow, we will send you a bill over email. You can pay for it either through pay pal or credit card.  After this step, you will receive the completed slideshow to enjoy!